Sunday, June 13, 2010

one hot day

(tank - Romeo & Juliet Couture, shorts - Levi's, shoes - Surface to Air, scarf - Urban Outfitters,
watch - vintage from Osaka, various bangles - vintage and Urban Outfitters, sunglasses - Shotwell)
Unfortunately the photographer (aka the BF) was out of town so I needed
to self-document this weekend.
What a beautiful weekend it was.  I am so lucky to have
this view from my window and am going to enjoy the
last few weeks I'll be living at the Stairway to Heaven (STH) house.
Enjoying the evening with Jen & May at Cafe Claude.  Belden Lane
is the best place for a summer evening like this.
I couldn't help but snap a pic of a really friendly gentleman
also enjoying his meal at Cafe Claude.  I LOVE those green glasses!

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