Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I was in Portland this past weekend.  Every time I visit, I get hit with a heavy dose of nostalgia for my childhood.  Running around in Beaverton, heading to Chinatown for Dim Sum on weekends with the folks, and ski adventures on Mt. Hood.

The past times I've visited, I have been blessed with the most gorgeous weekends.  80 degree weather, no cloud in the sky, pretty much unheard of in Portland (or SF for that matter).  It always makes me want to move back, to live in a city that is smaller, maybe a little bit more personable.  Luckily, my dad came along this time and reminded me quite quickly how crappy the weather can be the other 363 days out of the year.

I just recently moved to a new house, so I've been inspired a lot with furniture and mixing textures and colors in spatial settings.  I found Manor to be especially lovely.
I'm currently looking for a small love seat to outfit in my new alcove.  I loved the coziness of this vintage looking sofa.
I love the mixture of pattern & color.  Far away, the red jacquard sofa actually looks like a solid.

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