Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bon voyage!

I'm heading to Cancun tonight for my girlfriend's bachelorette weekend.
Just a couple more hours in the office, before it's margarita time!

The biggest dilemma (after what to pack, of course) is what to wear en route.
One of my biggest pet peeves is sacrificing style for comfort.
Please ladies, no more velour sweat suits!

These are some of the things I bring with me to make my travel more comfortable.

1.  A Sarong: it does triple duty as a scarf, a blanket 
(I am always freezing on the plane!), and a beach cover-up.

2. Roomy pants or leggings:  I opt for boyfriend jeans or baggier pants for max comfortability.
For international flights, I often pack a pair of leggings to change into once airborne.

3. Layers:  I'm a pro at this, as are most San Franciscans due to the finicky weather,
but layering allows you to adjust to the climate, whatever it may be.
(The sarong is especially helpful!)

4. Space Saver:  I wear my bulkiest shoes.  However, I always recommend shoes
that are comfortable and easy to take off at the security lines.  My wedges are
not going to make the people behind me very happy tonight at SFO!

(top - Free People, cardigan - Coincidence & Chance, pants - Levi's, hat - Free Authority, belt - Vintage,
shoes - Surface to Air, necklace - Urban Outfitters, scarf - Sarong from  Bali, purse - Kooba)
I'm wearing my Sarong here as a scarf.  Later it will magically
transform into my security blanket on the red-eye to Cancun!
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