Thursday, July 29, 2010

dusen dusen

I met Ellen van Dusen in 2009 at the Magic Tradeshow in Las Vegas.  Having been on the road for almost two weeks and stuck in the desert for too many days, Ellen was my oasis.

I loved and still love her collection.  Simple silhouettes + simple geometric patterns = modern chic!
What I love about her collection is that it has a retro vibe but also is so here and now.

It doesn't hurt that she's a total doll, just as fabulous as the clothes she makes.  I received a skirt and a top, delivered cleverly wrapped with a shark sticker, and on my birthday.
What a great present!
Dusen Dusen Two Tone Skirt
Dusen Dusen Black Grid Crop Tee
(tops - Dusen Dusen & Evil Genius, jacket - Kenneth Cole, shorts - Levi's,
tights - Urban Outfitters, shoes - Jeffrey Campbell)
Ellen's Fall 2010 collection is genius and will be out very very soon.
To get your hands on some Dusen Dusen use the code CHACHACHA for 15% off at checkout.

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