Sunday, August 1, 2010

in front of the lens

It's obvious that I haven't even reached an amateur level when it comes to taking photographs.
For that, I want to apologize for the fuzzy photos on my site.  I'm working on improving, with better cameras, lighting, locations, and errr modeling?

I've never been very interested in shot composition, standing still for photographs, or creating moods.  As in life, I just like to capture "of the moment" stills.  Obviously, I only find a few gems in a mound of crappy photos, but those are my favorite types of pictures.
That's when a picture really is worth a thousand words.

As I fiddled with my new technology, I captured some odd shots that I was drawn to.
Might not be much of anything, but to each their own.
With that said, I'm working on improvements.  Thanks to everyone for looking extra close at the computer at my fuzzy fashion pics.

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