Tuesday, November 9, 2010

day 6 - 9

Day 6: Date Night
Had a nice dinner date with my man at Ragazza.  45 minute wait, but well worth it.
Prices are reasonable, pasta & pies conjure up memories of Italia, and they carry our favorite wine we drank A LOT of in Italy (Nero d'Avalo - thx Leslie & Patrick)
 (shirt - J. Crew, Silence + Noise, skirt - Silence + Noise, necklace - Urban Outfitters)
 (shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, tights - Urban Outfitters)
(belt - Vintage, assorted bracelets - H&M, Urban Outfitters)

Days 7 - 9:
No true outfit inspirations here, unless you just want to see me in my jammies.
I literally holed up and worked furiously these past couple of days, only surfacing from my cave for sustenance.
Don't worry, I will get out soon, so more Six Items or Less outfits to come!

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