Monday, November 1, 2010

let the fashion diet begin

After 36 hours of freaking out and second guessing myself, I bit the bullet and finally chose my six items I'll be wearing for the next month.  (Don't worry, they will be washed regularly!)

I'm pretty sure by the end of week 1, I will be completely sick of my six items.  However, there's something comforting to know that I won't have to stand in front of my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear.  The amount of options can become overwhelming after awhile.  I'll actually spend less time getting ready and more time with the activities and people that mean the most!

Enough ado, here are my six hero items for November.  If you're joining me in this fashion diet, please send me your six items and outfits to, and I'll post them!
 Eight Sixty Vest
 J. Crew Tissue Tee
 Silence + Noise Shirt Dress
 Silence + Noise Jersey Mini Skirt
 Levi's Cut-Off Shorts
Levi's 535 Jeggings

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