Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy (belated) 2011!

It's been a crazy 2011 so far and I've slacked on posting on The Cha Cha Files.  Lots of things have happened since December.  Here's a little 2011 catch up of the last 3 months.

A new doggy: Rufus!
5 years young Chihuahua Beagle mix
Likes: sleeping horizontally in my bed and with his mouth open, barking and refereeing at the park
Dislikes: Rain
Special Tricks: shows his teeth when you say, SMILE! Can stand on 2 legs longer than some people.

Death of my first iPhone
(May it RIP)

2 Year Anniversary
celebrated with glutton fest at Acquerello and Frances
and then sloth fest with the purchase of robes by Wings + Horns, specifically made for New York's Ace Hotel.
The robes came packaged in muslin and is just AWESOME!
 Photos courtesy of Ace Hotel Blog
 Modeled byTodd LaPietra

Acceptance into S Factor's Teacher Training Program!
Sorry no pics of me swinging on the pole!

The anticipation of Diana & Brian Wey's first baby boy.
Trompe l'oeil CPO (Chief Pottying Officer) Onesie designed by Auntie Mel

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