Tuesday, March 29, 2011

out with the seriously old, in with the hilariously new

I was perusing my Google reader the other day and catching up on the fashion blogs I've seriously neglected over the past several months, when I got to The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine's blog that gives "sartorial advice for girls who love the clothes that men hate" (according to Belinda White's Blog Love).  I love Leandra's candid and hilarious point of view, it's right up my funny bone alley.

Then I had an epiphany (thankfully I wasn't at UCLA's library or it would have never happened!)  Why be so serious?  I like fashion, I think it's fun, I'm not a serious person, so why blog like one?

So starting NOW, these are some of the changes you will see on The Cha Cha Files.

I WILL: *gasp* smile in my photos. OMG, that is breaking Hipster Stylista rule #1 to look perpetually bored with life or depressed that they have no meat on their bodies. Well, sorry ladies, but when I have fun, I actually show teeth.

I WILL: *ACK!* look at the camera. The forbidden death stare means that people might see me and my soul (or lack thereof).  There's no point for me to coyly look off to the side as if I were having very profound thoughts when in reality I'm just thinking about what I want to eat for dinner.

I WILL: Acknowledge that I have good posture and am a full 5 feet 5 inches tall. No broken doll pose here, this isn't Top Model, I'm way too old for it anyhow *sob*.  OK, you may catch me in broken robot pose from time to time but that is totally acceptable, and funny, no? 

I WILL: Capture myself in outfits based in reality.  Why take a picture for the beautiful back drop?  This is real life bitches!  I'll be taking as much candid shots of my lovely outfits doing whatever the hell I'm doing.  This may mean doing something cool, me spread out in my disorganized and totally normal life bedroom or something totally mundane... like picking up dog poop.  You get my drift?

I WILL: Wear whatever the hell I want, and you will like it DAMMIT!

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